Geriatric Care Specialist

Cosmopolitan Medical Practice

Dr. Robin McKinney, DO

Family Practice & Travel Medicine located in East Harlem, New York, NY

As you get older, your health care needs change. You may need more help in managing multiple health issues and medications, as well as changes in your mobility and function. Dr. Robin McKinney, DO, and her team at Cosmopolitan Medical Practice in East Harlem, New York, specialize in the health care needs of older adults with comprehensive and compassionate geriatric care. Whether you need help for you or a loved one, call Cosmopolitan Medical Practice today, or request an appointment online.

Geriatric Care Q & A

What can I expect from geriatric care?

The team at Cosmopolitan Medical Practice provides comprehensive geriatric care, helping you manage your general health, as well as any underlying health issues. When you come in for care, your specialist reviews your health concerns, medical history, and current medications. Then, your specialist conducts a physical examination to assess your health.

Cosmopolitan Medical Practice is a full-service medical practice and offers in-house lab draws, so you don’t need to go to another facility for blood work. The team also offers in-house testing for various illnesses that provide rapid results, including testing for the flu, strep throat, and mononucleosis.

After your examination, your specialist devises a plan to help you manage your health. This plan may include updating your immunizations, helping you make changes to your diet for better health, and offering suggestions on activities that may help keep your muscles and mind strong.

Your specialist may also talk to you about your medications, how they work, and when to take them to get the best results.

What if I am not able to get to the office?

The team at Cosmopolitan Medical Practice believes that everyone should have access to proper health care. If you’re unable to get to the office, your specialist can see you at home. Geriatric care home visits at Cosmopolitan Medical Practice are conducted on Mondays from 8 am to 8 pm, and these visits are covered by Medicare.

Additionally, the team does everything they can to make themselves available to you, and there’s always someone at the office to take your call. The family practice also offers extended hours for your convenience.

When it comes to geriatric care, you want a medical team who understands your unique health care needs. For comprehensive and compassionate care, call Cosmopolitan Medical Practice today, or request an appointment online.